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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Sl/doc:

Shortcut template for citing and linking to episodes of Spiral Labyrinth. Creates a link to the series page followed by links to up to eight episode pages.
{{sl|<episode name/number>|<episode name/number 2>|<episode name/number 3>}}
Sample output
{{sl|01}} produces: SL: 'The Hero of El Facil'
{{sl|The Hero of El Facil}} produces: SL: 'The Hero of El Facil'
{{sl|The Hero of El Facil|02}} produces: SL: 'The Hero of El Facil', 'The Hero's New Assignment'
This is the required method of citing episodes within 'in-universe' articles/sections. (There is no restriction on usage within 'real-life' areas, but the less verbose {{e}} may often be preferred.) In practice, this template will usually be surrounded by parentheses (they are not added automatically, because there will be occasions where a mixed citation will be required; for example, citing both an LOGH episode and My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars).
Episode numbers are preferred for their flexibility and, if used, should be exactly two digits (e.g., 01, 08, 11). (It is possible for the template to automatically pad numbers with leading zeroes, but this is not implemented for performance reasons.)
Adapted from similar templates on Memory Alpha.
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