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Place an image (if applicable) of the character at the top of the page, justified to the right side of the article, with a width of either 250 or 300 pixels. The command to embed an image is: [ [ F i l e : ( I m a g e n a m e . j p g ) | r i g h t | 3 0 0 p x ] ]. Images do not necessarily need to be saved as jpegs, just remember to write out the file type with the name, and be sure that the image name you use is identical to the name by which the image was uploaded!

The FIRST words on the page should be the character's name (in bold). (Then, in parenthesis, the Japanese spelling of the name. The katakana/kanji should also be bold). Continue after the character's name with a brief introductory paragraph summarizing who the character is, what they do, where they lived, and when they lived. REMEMBER! All date formats should be in the Universal Calendar format! The template for dating systems is: { { d | ### | u c } }. The introductory paragraph should be short, concise, and contain as few spoilers as possible.



The first section for every character page should be "biography." Depending on how much we know about a given character, it is possible to fit all pertinent information into the introductory paragraph, and also possible that there will be so much information that multiple sub-headings should be placed in the Biography section.

Sub-heading 1

Each sub-heading should deal with a specific period of a character's life, and each sub-heading flow in chronological order. Remember to cite your sources when writing. For example, to cite the Legend of Galactic Heroes OVA, us the template: { { l o g h | ### } }. Each citation should go at the end of the last paragraph in the heading where the information was used. So, for example, if this sentence is the last of the heading and all of the information was taken from the first episode of the OVA, the citation would simply go at the end. LOGH: 'In the Eternal Night'

Sub-heading 2

If a single paragraph has multiple sources to cite, keep all of the citations at the bottom of the paragraph, lumped together. Remember to order them from the "earliest" episode to the "latest" episode, and to place sources of peripheral canonical status (databooks, for example) last. Therefore, if this paragraph contained material drawn from the second and third episodes of the OVA and the LoGH Encyclopedia, you can see what the citation would look like. LOGH: 'The Battle of Astarte'LOGH: 'Birth of the 13th Fleet'(Legend of Galactic Heroes Encyclopaedia)

Sub-heading 3

If you end up with a sub-heading where certain paragraphs are drawn from some sources, and others from other sources, things git a bit more tricky. If the material at the top of the heading is drawn from the 4th and 5th episodes of the OVA, it should be cited thusly. LOGH: 'Empire's Afterglow'LOGH: 'The Castrop Rebellion'

Only do this when none of the information following the earlier paragraphs is drawn from the same episodes (this helps keep all of the citations lumped together).

Basically, you cite your material in each section or sub-section at the end of the paragraph of the LATEST point where it was used. Each heading and sub-heading starts over, of if the material in this paragraph and the paragraph above it were drawn from the first episode of the OVA, that episode would need to be cited, despite appearing as a citation in sub-heading 1. LOGH: 'In the Eternal Night'


If applicable, this section should discuss the impact of the character's life on the people and events around him or her, as well as the greater impact he or she may have had on Galactic (or even local) history. Information here does not necessarily have to be explicitly stated in any media, and so it does not necessarily need to be cited.


Character's Name

Each significant personal relationship should have its own sub-heading, with exposition detailing the nature of the relationship between characters. Because this kind of information cannot be characterized as objective, and because it is typically drawn from many episodes, it should NOT be cited.

At the bottom of each page, place tags. Try to order them alphabetically. For example:

[ [ C a t e g o r y : C a t e g o r y n a m e ] ] [ [ C a t e g o r y : C a t e g o r y n a m e ] ]

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