My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars (film)

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Legend of Galactic Heroes: My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars
(『銀河英雄伝説 −わが征くは星の大海−』)
released 1988/02/06
795 UC (486 IC / 3595 CE)
1st of 3 released in films
1st of 213 released in all

Legend of Galactic Heroes: My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars (Japanese: 銀河英雄伝説 −わが征くは星の大海−, Ginga Eiyū Densetsu: Waga Yuku wa Hoshi no Taikai) is the first animated adaptation of Tanaka Yoshiki's Legend of Galactic Heroes series of novels. It was originally released in Japan on 6 February 1988.

The film serves as a prequel to the main OVA series that followed only months later, and chronicles the first encounter — in combat — between Reinhard von Müsel (who later adopted the Lohengramm name) and Yang Wen-li, the two primary protagonists of the LOGH series.

My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars depicts the arrival of Reinhard von Lohengramm's fleet at Iserlohn Fortress, his victory in battle against a small Alliance force in which Yang Wen-li is a staff officer over the gas giant Legnica, then later another battle against the main Alliance fleet during which Fleet Admiral Gregor von Mückenberger attempts to send Reinhard on a suicidal mission, only for him to succeed and strike the coup de grâce against the Alliance fleet. It also is notable for its final scene, when Yang Wen-li buys time for the remaining Alliance fleet to withdraw by putting his vessel directly under Reinhard's flagship Brünhild and effectively taking him "hostage." It marks the first encounter between the two famous admirals on the field of battle.






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The film was released on both VHS and Betamax on 25 March 1988. The same day also saw a release of the original soundtrack.

On 25 September 1993, a "Drama Version" CD was released (TKCA-70163). It consists purely of dialogue as it appears in the film.




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