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Gineipaedia is written from different perspectives depending on context.



The term 'in-universe' refers to an article (or, in some cases, a section of an article) that is written from the perspective of someone who exists inside the universe of LOGH. That is, events that occur in the LOGH series are presented as real historical events, characters as real historical figures, and so on. The writer assumes that everything seen and heard in the LOGH series is a true and factual account of what really happened, and his style of writing reflects this.

When to use

The 'in-universe' perspective is used in the following contexts:


The tone of 'in-universe' writing should reflect that of an objective but nearly omniscient being. This being has the ability to observe and to know no more and no less than what is seen/heard in the LOGH series. He does not have the ability to know anything that occurs off-screen (whether events or characters' internal thoughts) unless the narrator or the characters themselves relay that information.

See also: Manual of Style: General


'In-universe' writing should generally be in the past tense — in other words, our hypothetical being from above exists at some point far in the future, so that events in LOGH occurred in the past from his perspective.

This applies to all things in the LOGH universe, except for the following:


'Real-life' or 'meta' articles/sections are those which refer to things that exist outside the universe of LOGH. These are generally found at the very bottom of 'in-universe' articles, or as separate pages detailing real-life voice actors, LOGH media releases, and so on. These articles should be written in a manner consistent with normal encyclopaedic or journalistic writing.

When to use

The 'real-life' perspective is used for the following types of pages:

Media synopses

One notable exception to the above is that, whilst individual media pages (like 'In the Eternal Night') are considered 'real-life' articles (since the episodes/films/books only exist in our own universe, not the universe of LOGH), synopses on these pages should be written from an 'in-universe' perspective, as if a historian is describing events that really happened.


The tone of 'real-life' articles should be encyclopaedic, as always. Do not interject your own opinions into these pages.

See also: Manual of Style: General


The tense of 'real-life' articles should match that which would be used in a standard encyclopaedia or journalistic article. In other words:

See also

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