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Lt Commander Greenhill Yang (799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE))
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Iserlohn Republic
El Facil Revolutionary Government (former)
Free Planets Alliance (former)
Rank: Lt Commander
Status: Alive (801 UC (3 NIC / 492 IC / 3601 CE))
Father: Dwight Greenhill
Spouse(s): Yang Wen-li
Played by: Yoshiko Sakakibara

Frederica Greenhill Yang (Japanese: フレデリカ・グリーンヒル・ヤン), née Frederica Greenhill, was the daughter of Alliance Admiral Dwight Greenhill and the wife of Yang Wen-li.


Early life

El Facil

In 788 UC (479 IC / 3588 CE), when she was 14 years old, Greenhill was on the planet El Facil, visiting family with her mother, when the star system was invaded by the Galactic Empire. The Alliance forces charged with protecting the planet, under the command of Arthur Lynch, fled, leaving the young Sub-lieutenant Yang Wen-li in charge of the evacuation effort. In the course of the evacuation, The young Frederica came across Yang as he was eating and gave him some coffee as his food got slightly stuck in his throat. After he had drunk the coffee, Yang told her: I hate coffee. I wish you'd given me tea. Yang would apologise for his rude comments when the two met again, eight years later.

Thanks to Yang's efforts, Frederica and her mother, along with several million other civilians, were successfully able to escape El Facil before the Imperial forces occupied the planet.

She was the salutatorian graduate from the Free Planets Alliance Officer Academy, graduating in 794 UC. Alex Cazerne recommended her to become Yang's adjudant, largely because of her eidetic memory, which served the 13th fleet well on numerous occasions.

Military career

13th Fleet

After the Battle of Astarte, Yang Wen-li was given command of the newly formed 13th Fleet. Rear Admiral Alex Cazerne assigned Greenhill as Yang's personal aide. At the time, she held the rank of sub-lieutenant.

FPA Civil War


Later life


After the surrender of the Free Planets Alliance, Yang proposed marriage to Frederica, and she accepted. They both resigned from the Fleet and married shortly afterwards.

Although Yang anticipated several years of peace, it was less than a year before the Alliance, under pressure from Kaiser Reinhard's consul, arrested him. Greenhill participated in Yang's rescue, personally shooting an Alliance officer who attempted to execute her husband, and subsequently resumed her role as Yang's adjutant through the following campaign.

Iserlohn Republic

After the Battle of the Corridor, Frederica fell ill due to fatigue and was confined to bed — preventing her from accompanying Yang when he travelled to negotiate with Reinhard.[clean-up needed] After Yang's assassination, Frederica accepted the role of political representative for the newly formed Iserlohn Republic and supported Julian Mintz as the military leader — although she stated she would rather let democracy die than Yang.



Memorable quotes

'I clearly remember a young lieutenant taking command... gnawing a sandwich because he didn't have the spare time to eat.'


Frederica as she appeared in The Unbeatable Magician
Frederica as she appeared in DNT:

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