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Gineipaedia's data is available for free to anyone who would like it. Weekly XML back-ups of this data are created and made available via this page. These back-ups can be re-imported into any MediaWiki installation (in the event that something should happen to Gineipaedia, or even if you would like to fork it to your own wiki) and can also be processed for other uses with any general-purpose XML parser.

These back-ups are complete XML dumps of all Gineipaedia textual content, including page histories, templates, policy pages, user pages, &c. They do NOT contain any user-specific data like passwords, e-mail addresses, or edit counts (and that information is not available for any purpose).

The files are automatically created at 22:00 every Monday night US Pacific time (03:00 or 04:00 Tuesday UTC) and are then compressed using the bzip2 compression format. All multi-format archive utilities (including the ones built in to macOS and Linux/BSD; Windows users may use the free 7zip) should be able to decompress the files. Note that these archives may expand to potentially dozens of times their compressed size!

For the sake of simplicity, only the five most recent back-ups are provided:

We do not currently provide back-ups of images and other files — but this will hopefully change in the future.

Note: Gineipaedia's textual content is made available under the Creative Commons BY-NC licence. This means that, although it is free to use and modify, it must be for non-commercial purposes, and you must provide attribution to Gineipaedia. For a more detailed (but human-readable) explanation of the licence and Gineipaedia's position on copyright, see Copyrights.

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