Lohengramm Dynasty

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Flag of the New Galactic Empire and Lohengramm Dynasty

The Lohengramm Dynasty, also known as Goldenlöwe Dynasty, established on 20 June, 1 NIC (490 IC / 799 UC / 3599 CE), by Reinhard von Lohengramm, the Lohengramm Dynasty ruled over the Galactic Empire after the close of the Second FPA-Imperial War.


Prior to the conquest of the Free Planets Alliance, Reinhard moved the Imperial Capital to Fezzan. After the fall of the Free Planets Alliance, Fezzan served as the centre of power for the Goldenlöwe Dynasty. It was hinted to be eventually transformed into a strong constitutional monarchy by Kaiserin Hildegard von Lohengramm and her son, Alexander Siegfried von Lohengramm. Julian Mintz, being the representative of Iserlohn Republic which upheld democratic ideals, would presumably play an important role in reshaping Imperial politics.


# Name Reign
1 Reinhard von Lohengramm 1 NIC (490 IC / 799 UC / 3599 CE)3 NIC (492 IC / 801 UC / 3601 CE)
2 Alexander von Lohengramm 3 NIC (492 IC / 801 UC / 3601 CE)—???
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