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In order to protect this site against automated spam bots, which attempt to create accounts and then post non-LOGH-related advertising and link spam, Gineipaedia employs a form of CAPTCHA. A CAPTCHA is a question or puzzle that a user must solve in order to prove they are not a bot.

Whilst this is, regrettably, somewhat of an inconvenience for legitimate users, we have taken the following steps to limit the nuisance factor of the CAPTCHA system:

1. Users are only asked to solve a CAPTCHA at account creation and when attempting to create or edit an article.

2. Users are 'auto-confirmed' after (a) they have made a certain (small) number of edits and (b) a certain (short) length of time has passed since the account was registered. After this point, they will never be asked to solve a CAPTCHA again.

We hope that you understand this decision. Of course, please feel free to contact ohkine if you have any questions or complaints.

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