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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:E/doc:

Template for citing and linking to episodes from multi-episode LOGH OVA series. Creates a link to the episode page, surrounded by single quotes.
{{e|<episode name/number>|<optional series code>}}
Sample output
{{e|005}} produces: 'The Castrop Rebellion'
{{e|Bloodshed in Space}} produces: 'Bloodshed in Space'
{{e|3|SWV}} produces: 'Chapter III'
{{e|Chapter IV|SWV}} produces: 'Chapter IV'
Episode numbers are preferred to titles for their flexibility. Any number used must be padded to the length of the highest episode number in its series; for instance, since LOGH (OVA) has 110 episodes, all LOGH (OVA) episode numbers should have three digits (e.g., 001, 048, 110). All other episode numbers should have only one or two.
(It is possible for the template to automatically pad numbers with leading zeroes, but this is not implemented for performance reasons.)
Usage of this template should be restricted to 'real-life' articles/sections. Citing episodes outside of these areas should be done with the series-specific shortcut template, such as {{logh}}.
Since the code for this template is somewhat complex, a formatted version has been made available at E/formatted. Please follow the instructions there, and make sure the two versions stay in synch.
Adapted from a similar template on Memory Alpha.
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