A Short Trip to the Past (episode)

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'A Short Trip to the Past'
SL: series 1, episode 4
released 2000/??/??
Rosas reminiscing.jpg
October 788 UC (479 IC / 3588 CE)
4th of 14 released in SL
141st of 180 released in all

A Short Trip to the Past (Japanese: 過去へのささやかな旅) is the fourth episode of the Spiral Labyrinth arc of the second series of the Legend of Galactic Heroes Gaiden OVA.



Yang Wen-li reminisces about his days in the Free Planets Alliance Officer Academy spent with Jean Robert Lapp and Jessica Edwards. He later meets with Alfred Rosas to discuss about the latter's past with the Year 730 Mafia and specifically the circumstances surrounding Bruce Ashbey's death.


Memorable quotes

"When there is a legend, there will always be a counter-legend as well. There is no reason that all of Ashbey's contemporaries had to love, admire and understand him."

Alfred Rosas, to Yang Wen-li, on Bruce Ashbey



Production staff

Background information

Yang's opening quotation is most likely a reference to The October Country by American writer Ray Bradbury, although it is a collection of horror short stories and not a poem.

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