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Smaller and more utilitarian than their Imperial counterparts, the warships of the Free Planets Alliance were designed with only one thing in mind: killing the enemy. In general, the technology in the FPA was somewhat inferior to that of the Galactic Empire. cannons possessed weaker yields, and various other technologies — sensors, communications, engines — were slightly inferior by comparison. To combat this inherent weakness, FPA warships were models of efficiency. They typically boasted greater quantities of gun emplacements than Imperial vessels of like similar class, and were smaller and cheaper, too. On the battlefield, each ship class on one side was roughly equal in ability to the same ship class on the other.

The aesthetic qualities - or rather the lack thereof - of Alliance ships also reflected their utilitarian nature. Alliance battleships often appear ungainly, designed with long, boxlike headed by a bulbous prow packed with forward-arc cannons. Alliance ships also employed prominent bridge towers topped by communications antennae and other equipment. Thrust drives were housed in a single unit at the rear of the ship, enclosed by long panels and fins extending past the tail. The purpose of these fins is unknown. Perhaps they served as protection, or helped increase thruster output.

Interior corridors consisted of bare metal, and cabins, including those of ranking officers, were similarly spartan. Desks, beds and other furniture items were usually incorporated into the bulkhead to save space.

Unlike those of Imperial ships, the typical Alliance bridge was a large, cavernous room made up of multiple "balcony"-type command levels attached to a central column containing stairwells and elevators. Command officers occupied the top levels, with bridge crew located below. Larger flagships, such as the Hyperion, had larger command decks to incorporate conference tables for senior staff. Command decks were supported by large cables and balustrades attached to the central column. In some cases the cables could snap and whip around, potentially injuring crew members.

Alliance vessels seemed to be incapable of landing within planetary atmosphere, moving crew and supplies to and from the surface via landing shuttles.

Though most Alliance battleships held a small contingent of Spartanian fighters, the Alliance fleet employed extensive use of carrier ships

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