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The Artemis Necklace (796 UC (487 IC / 3596 CE))

The Artemis Necklace (Japanese: アルテミスの首飾り) was a planetary-defence system composed of a large number of spherical satellites orbiting in a ring.

Each satellite was shaped like a 'bead' — hence the name. Similar in nature to fortresses like Geiersburg and Iserlohn, these satellites were small stations encased within armoured spheres of liquid metal. The weapon systems were concealed behind iris doors and consisted of powerful anti-ship beam cannons and long-range missile launchers.



The Necklace was most famous as the last line of defence for the planet Heinessen, capital of the Free Planets Alliance. However, elements in Fezzan also sold an Artemis Necklace to Maximilian von Castrop, who had it constructed in orbit of the planet Castrop.

The Castrop Necklace was destroyed during Castrop's rebellion by Rear Admiral Siegfried Kircheis, who ordered highly combustible directional Seffle particles to be spread around the satellites, causing them to destroy themselves when they opened fire. This weakness and the existence of directional Seffle particles would be covered up by the Empire and Fezzan. Yang Wen-li later destroyed the Heinessen Necklace by ramming each of the individual satellites with huge chunks of ice travelling at near light speed. (LOGH: 'The Castrop Rebellion', 'Victory for Whose Sake?')

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