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BOTHTEC (Japanese: ボーステック) was a Japanese company which developed and published software and games for several PC systems, game consoles, and, later, mobile phones. It was notable for a series of PC games it released, between 1989 and 2004, based on the Legend of Galactic Heroes media franchise.

BOTHTEC produced several titles for Japanese personal computer systems (mostly the NEC PC-8801) throughout the '80s. Then, in 1990, the company was merged into Quest Corporation, another Japanese video-game company, which went on to produce the popular Ogre Battle series of games.

In February 1997 it was spun off into its own company again, and resumed producing Legend of Galactic Heroes games, this time exclusively for the Microsoft Windows platform. (Quest was purchased by Square, producers of the Final Fantasy series, in 2002.) In early 2005, following a legal battle over licensing issues, BOTHTEC was forced to shut down its online Legend of Galactic Heroes VII game network, and it ceased production of further games based on Legend of Galactic Heroes.

That same year, BOTHTEC once again was party to a merger, this time with Bibiemuefu (now called menue, inc.), and it ultimately ceased to exist in 2009.

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