Battle of Altena

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Battle of Altena
(Imperial Civil War)
Date: 797 UC
Location: Altena Starzone
Result: Imperial victory
Galactic EmpireLippstadt League
Mittermeyer FleetStaden Fleet
Commanders / leaders
Wolfgang Mittermeyer
Karl Edward Bayerlein
Casualties / losses

The Battle of Altena was a minor battle of the Imperial Civil War, fought in 797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE) in the Altena Starzone. The ended with the defeat of the Lippstadt League forces.


When Reinhard von Lohengramm moved the bulk of the Imperial Fleet to assault the Lippstadt League's Geiersburg Fortress, Lippstadt admrial Staden suggests that a small contingent of ships might be able break through the light defenses left on Odin, and "liberate" the Imperial City from Reinhard's grasp. Being the proposer of the plan, Staden was pressured to lead the attack. While in the Altena Starzone, Staden faced an Imperial fleet under the command of admiral Wolfgang Mittermeyer.

After three days of tensely waiting on one side of a minefield (deployed by Mittermeyer) for Mittermeyer's fleet to make the first move, Staden's forces intercepted a communication indicating that Mittermeyer was stalling, waiting for Reinhard von Lohengramm's forces to reinforce their position before attacking Staden's fleet. Staden grew increasingly indecisive, and the men under his command became increasingly anxious to take action. Despite correctly deducing that the intercepted communication was a fabrication, intended to goad Staden into attacking, he relented to the anxieties of his men and ordered his fleet to attack.

Admiral Staden ordered his forces split in two in order to attack the Mittermeyer's fleet from both sides, with his second in command Count Hildesheim leading taking command of one force. Staden hoped to engage with his force first, with Hildesheim then catching Mittermeyer's fleet from behind, and finally forcing Mittermeyer's fleet into the minefield. Mittermeyer was waiting for such a mistake, and moved more swiftly than his opponents had anticipated. Hildesheim's force was caught by surprise by a flank attack by Mittermeyer's entire fleet and swiftly defeated with Count Hildesheim being killed in the first salvo. Mittermeyer then circled round the minefield and attacked Staden from behind. Staden called for retreat after his fleet fell into confusion and his own flagship was damaged. This concluded the Battle of Altena. The remaining 30% of the Staden's fleet withdrew to Rentenberg Fortress, where Staden himself was hospitalized — not for combat wounds, but for stress-related illness. (LOGH: 'Bloodshed in Space')

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