Battle of Firezard

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The Battle of Firezard Starzone (Japanese: ファイアザード星域会戦) was a minor battle between the Free Planets Alliance and the Galactic Empire. It occurred in March 738 UC (429 IC / 3538 CE) and ended in a complete Alliance victory. It was notable for being the battle that brought the members of the Year 730 Mafia to the attention of the Alliance general public. (SL: 'The Journey in Search of the Exit')


It is likely that the Battle of Firezard was very small, as Bruce Ashbey, the highest-ranked of the Year 730 Mafia, was a captain at the time and presumably commanded a standard battleship, while the others were commanders and likely commanded cruisers, as these are standard assignments in the Free Planets Star Fleet. As such, the Battle of Firezard was most likely a skirmish, with its only highlight having been the fact that the Alliance completely dominated the battle. Although speculative, it fits the established facts.

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