Bloodshed in April (episode)

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'Bloodshed in April'
HBSHBL: series 1, episode 4
released 1998/??/??
Imperial tanks at Van-Fleet4-2.jpg
April 794 UC (485 IC / 3594 CE)
4th of 12 released in HBSHBL
129th of 180 released in all

Bloodshed in April (Japanese: 染血の四月) is the fourth episode of the A Hundred Billion Stars, a Hundred Billion Lights arc of the first series of the Legend of Galactic Heroes Gaiden OVA.



Hermann von Lüneburg and Reinhard von Müsel prepare for the ground assault on the Free Planets Alliance rear support base at Van-Fleet 4-2. Reinhard, who is assigned as vice-commander for this operation, is frustrated at being under the command of Lüneburg despite both of them having the same rank. He is further infuriated when he receives an offer from Lüneburg to work under him in the future. Meanwhile, Walter von Schönkopf, now the interim regimental commander of the Rosen Ritter, is facing numerous disadvantages in the organisation of the Alliance defence against the incoming Imperial assault, including inferior weaponry, inadequate supplies, a substantial numerical disadvantage and a lack of coordination between the Rosen Ritter and other Alliance ground-based troops. His plan is therefore to hold the line long enough for fleet reinforcements to arrive. On 6 April 794 UC (485 IC / 3594 CE), both sides finally clash with each other.




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