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Who is he?

This mystery man (the black guy) appears in almost every staff meeting on Iserlohn, and frequently in the command centre as well, throughout the series. However, i've never seen him speak, or be addressed, or be given a name. (Every single other character who appears in the staff meetings has a name as far as i know, even the minor ones like Marino and Lao.) I don't even know what his rank is, although the red flag pin thing suggests he's part of the navy.

Did i miss something? Who is this bro?  ♥ kine @ 08:45, 21 May 2011 (UTC)

Seven years ago I may have been able to answer this, when I was listing him as part of another answers. The DVD version often drops some names, so it's better to check names with the LD version. Like with most others he joined the Yang-gumi with the 13th Fleet. As staff officer he is an adjutant or substitute and takes part in staff meetings in that capacity. He's probably a member of the other two commodore's fleets. He isn't really shown that often. You may have mistaken him for one of the other three colored officers. Marino may not get much screen time or dialogue but he's way more important regarding military issues than Lao/Rao. Almael 15:53, 4 September 2011 (UTC)
His name is possible Javaf.Almael 18:45, 4 September 2011 (UTC)
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