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Current events

Hi there! My name is kine, and i am a Gineipaedia staff member. My interests lie mostly in the supplementary areas of policy, structure/formatting/style, template creation, images, and information gathering. However, i do occasionally write articles — for a list of the more complete ones i have written, see below.

I also run our only two bots, including Rudolf von Goldenbot, who i use to fix spelling mistakes, add/remove categories, update templates, and mass-create/rename articles. If you have an idea for how he could be useful, even if it's specific to a personal project of yours, feel free to message me!

Lastly, although i am not the 'admin' of Gineipaedia in the operational sense, i do currently control the servers and the software running on them. What that means is that i am the one to contact if you would like to have the site configuration changed, or if you'd like to suggest a MediaWiki extension to be installed. Any reasonable request will be considered (pending the approval of the other staff), so please don't hesitate to suggest anything.

In any case, hit up my talk page if you need me!  ♥ kine

Current projects

My current projects involve mostly data collection — specifically, at the moment i'm trying to collect and verify all of the subtitles used in the original Blu-rays, CA DVD rips, original DVDs, and (eventually) the original LaserDiscs. As of right now, the Blu-ray project has a handful of episodes to its name; the CA DVD project is completed; and the original DVD project is about half-way done. I have also been busy with image uploading and a little bit of re-organisation. Lastly i've written a few tools to help me with all of this; i am not sure anyone else could possibly make use of them, but there they are anyway.

My articles

Occasionally i write articles — here are some of the more complete ones i've done:

Andrew FalkBremenErwin Josef IIImperial Civil WarThe Inviting to HistoryIserlohn Republic • Ivan KonevKaterose von KreutzerLegend of Galactic Heroes video gamesLegnicaMaximilian von CastropNeue SanssouciOvlesserSchmudeStaden

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My sub-pages

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