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"The Legend of the Galactic Heroes" that began with just one episode.

The first volume of "The Legend of the Galactic Heroes" was published in 1982. After that, the novel series continued for 7 years and the anime, which became an epic series, running for over 10 years, began. In 1996, eight years after the anime started production, the father of the great legend, Tanaka Yoshiki, spoke about the birth of the series.

I think it was around the time I'd finished writing the eighth volume, I remember hearing that there was a plan to that effect in the works from the managing editor. When I said "Wha..." and went silent, he asked, "What do you want to do?" (lol). I'm pretty sure I said things like, "I'd like to meet them and ask some questions, but there's no way they could serious, right? I don't think it's for real." After that, it felt like it happened right away, the producer, Tahara called me and when he said "We really want to do it," I think I said something incredibly rude like "Seriously?" and he had to go as far as to say, "Oh, it wasn't a joke, you know" (lol). Knowing that it was "for real," I met them, but even though I actually met them, I still absolutely didn't believe just how far that talk would go (lol). When I thought that it was just going to be an hour, covering a particular episode, he said, "That's what we'll do at first, but eventually we want to adapt the entire series into a 100-something episode anime," and it felt even more unreal (lol).

When I tried meeting him, I understood that he was, "Seriously thinking about it," and brimming with enthusiasm. I didn't think I was that cynical a person, but, at that time, I didn't think it was really going to happen. When he said, "At any rate, we want to adapt the entire story," I remember tactlessly saying, "I really appreciate your saying that, but I think that's kind of impossible..."

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