Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 10: Sunset

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Front cover of Volume 10: Sunset

Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 10: Sunset (Japanese: 銀河英雄伝説10落日篇) is the tenth novel in Tanaka Yoshiki's Legend of Galactic Heroes series. It was first published in Japan by Tokyo Sogensha on 15 November 1987. (ISBN: 4-19-153530-7).

Publisher's summary

Having taken his devoted confidant Hildegard von Lohengramm as his empress, Kaiser Reinhard awaits the birth of his heir. Much remains to trouble him, from the ongoing campaign of terror by Church of Terra diehards to the machinations of an erstwhile landesherr, and there are ominous signs that his own condition may be graver than anyone suspects. Nevertheless, it seems that peace has finally come to the New Galactic Empire. Meanwhile, in the Iserlohn Republic, Julian Mintz, successor to Yang the Magician, resolves to begin the first and final battle fought on the republic’s terms—the world-shaking conclusion to the Legend of the Galactic Heroes.


  1. Hoffe Kaiserin! (皇妃誕生)
  2. Invitation to Rebellion (動乱への誘い)
  3. Cosmic Mosaic (コズミック・モザイク)
  4. Towards Peace, Through Bloodshed (平和へ、流血経由)
  5. Planet of Confusion (昏迷の惑星)
  6. The Burning of Holly House (柊館炎上)
  7. The Crimson Star Road (深紅の星路)
  8. Brünhild's Blood-thirst (美姫は血を欲す)
  9. The Goldenlöwe Flag Loses Its Lustre (黄金獅子旗に光なし)
  10. Dream: To See It to the End (夢、見果てたり)\\


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