Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 6: Flight

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Front cover of Volume 6: Flight

Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 6: Flight (Japanese: 銀河英雄伝説6飛翔篇) is the sixth novel in Tanaka Yoshiki's Legend of Galactic Heroes series. It was first published in Japan by Tokyo Sogensha on 31 October 1985. (ISBN: 4-19-153151-4).

Publisher's summary

After donning the emperor’s crown, Reinhard becomes the target of an assassination plot. Knowing that the Church of Terra is behind it, he deploys his troops to the church’s holy land: Earth. Meanwhile, Yang’s leisurely retirement is tempered by the surveillance networks watching his every move from both sides. And when he is one day visited by a group of men dressed in black, the galaxy, too, relinquishes peace to become embroiled in upheaval once again. Welcome to the turning point in the war for the fate of the galaxy!


Prologue: The Fall of Earth (地球衰亡の記録)
  1. The Kümmel Incident (キュンメル事件)
  2. Portrait of a Certain Pensioner (ある年金生活者の肖像)
  3. Visitors (訪問者)
  4. Past, Present, Future (過去、現在、未来)
  5. Confusion, Confusion, Confusion (混乱、錯乱、惑乱)
  6. Holy Land (聖地)
  7. Combat Play (コンバット・プレイ)
  8. Holiday's End (休暇は終りぬ)


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