Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 7: Tempest

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Front cover of Volume 7: Tempest

Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 7: Tempest (Japanese: 銀河英雄伝説7怒濤篇) is the seventh novel in Tanaka Yoshiki's Legend of Galactic Heroes series. It was first published in Japan by Tokyo Sogensha on 31 May 1986. (ISBN: 4-19-153256-1)

Publisher's summary

Reinhard, under his Golden Lion banner, is setting out to bend history and the universe to his will. Meanwhile, with no flag of their own to raise, Yang and his compatriots have escaped the murderous hands of the Free Planets Alliance's government and dubbed themselves the “Irregulars.” Yang receives word that an Imperial fleet is closing in on the capital of Heinessen, and in a daring move, recaptures Iserlohn Fortress. In the meantime, Reinhard’s invasion of the Free Planets Alliance proceeds steadily apace. Standing in the path of the Imperial fleet is a fleet of FPA Navy vessels commanded by the elderly Admiral Bucock. An old lion roars out a life-or-death challenge, and a young lion answers it—the final battle of the Free Planets Alliance now begins!


  1. Under the Goldenlöwe Flag (黄金獅子旗の下に)
  2. Against All Flags (すべての旗に背いて)
  3. Ragnarök Again (「神々の黄昏」ふたたび)
  4. Liberation, Revolution, Plots, etc. (解放・革命・謀略その他)
  5. The Prodigal Sons Come Home (蕩児たちの帰宅)
  6. The Battle of Marr-Adetta Starzone (マル・アデッタ星域の会戦)
  7. The Edict of the Winter Rose Garden (冬バラ園の勅令)
  8. The Long Road Ahead (前途遼遠)
  9. Eve of the Festival (祭りの前)


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