Leopold Laap

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Leopold Laap (archival image)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Dominion of Fezzan
Galactic Empire
Status: Deceased

Leopold Laap (Japanese: レオポルド・ラープ) was the first Fezzani Landesherr. A merchant who was born on Terra, Laap lobbied the Imperial government for the autonomy of Fezzan with uncompromising zeal. Ultimately, he was able to establish the autonomous Dominion of Fezzan: the Landesherr was still a subject of the Kaiser and Fezzan still a dominion of the Galactic Empire, but the Fezzani had completely sovereignty in all domestic areas. Laap was supported in secret by the Terraist Church and the creation of the independent in all but name Dominion of Fezzan was part of the long term strategy of the Terraism movement to re-establish Terra as the centre of human civilisation.

As Landesherr, Laap was able to maintain the balance of power between the Galactic Empire and Free Planets Alliance perfectly, ensuring neither side gained a decisive advantage over the other, and profited from the perpetual war by monopolizing all trade between the two nations.



Name variations

  • Leopold Lape LD subtitles)
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