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Katsumi Michihara
Katsumi Michihara.jpg
Native name 道原 かつみ
Michihara Katsumi
Born February 13, 1958
Mihara, Hiroshima
Occupation illustrator and manga artist
Awards Seiun Award for best art (1990)

Michihara Katsumi (Japanese: 道原かつみ) is the Japanese manga artist responsible for the 1990 manga adaptation of Tanaka Yoshiki's Legend of Galactic Heroes novel series, which began publication in 1990. She also illustrated Tokuma Shoten's release of Tytania, another one of Tanaka's works. She won the 21st Seiun Award for Best Art of the Year in 1990.


Prequel to the original series.
Role: illustrations (Tokuma Shoten) Vol. 1-4
The manga edition is authored by Katsumi Michihara, and is derived from the first two volumes of the original-novel. This manga story is faithful to the original, possibly more faithful than the anime. However, there are some changes that could be considered major, e.g. the gender of several characters is changed. Akira Kasahara is cooperating in drawing mechanics.
Role: story & art (original story by Tanaka Yoshiki)
Japanese novel written by Rieko Yoshihara, originally serialized in the yaoi magazine Shousetsu June between December 1986 and October 1987.
Role: illustrations
Manga by Yuu Asagi, published between 1987-2004.
Role: illustrations
Three japanese light novel series written by Yoshiki Tanaka between 1988 and 1991.
Role: illustrations (Tokuma Shoten)
Manga written and illustrated by Michihara Katsumi, released in 1990.
Role: story & art

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