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A warp rift created by Geiersburg Fortress

Warp (Japanese: ワープ) is the primary (and only known) form of faster-than-light travel. A warp drive utilises an enormous amount of energy to bend space and time, allowing a vessel to 'jump' across a finite distance, crossing dozens or even hundreds of light-years in mere moments.

When a vessel transits back to realspace, there is a space-time distortion at its exit point, which may affect other objects in the vicinity. An imminent warp exit can be detected due to the distortion effect starting before the actual transit and the magnitude of this distortion appears to be proportional to the warping object's mass. A particularly large distortion effect was created during the process of Geiersburg Fortress exiting warp.


Warp travel was developed at the United Earth Government's Io colony by Doctor Antonel Yanosher and a team of scientists, and was funded by the UEG Ministry of Space. When it was first discovered in 2360 CE, warp technology was unreliable and dangerous. Warp was only capable of traversing short distances, and had dangerous effects on the human body — particularly on female fecundity. Warp technology was finally perfected in 2391 CE, after more than three decades of research, and its wide-spread use ushered in a new age of deep-space exploration and colonisation. (LOGH: 'To Earth')

Apparent characteristics and limitations

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