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Correct name

Just want to add on his name origin. I think it's Caserne. Check these out:

A "casern", also spelled "cazern" or "caserne", is a military barracks in a garrison town. In French-speaking countries, a "caserne de pompier" is a fire station. There are usually two beds in each casern, for six soldiers to lie, who mount the guard alternately; the third part being always on duty.

/caserne/, French, etymology: from Old Provençal "cazerna", from Vulgar Latin "quaderna", from the neuter plural of Latin "quaterni". Pronunciation (IPA): /kazɛʁn/ (audio sample available on the link page).

If you can read IPA transcription, the pronunciation is matched with the Katakana transliteration. In meaning, since LOGH is military themed, I think it's a match. Also Alex here is mostly work on the supply stuffs and rear line duty, so um, barracks.

Maybe you want add this in the background info part? This applies to Hortense and Charlotte pages too. 3island18 01:22, 19 March 2013 (UTC)

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