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Bewcock's Risen Star

I've always wondered what happened to Bewcock from 788 to 794. In 788, he was a Commodore who had been assigned to what Yang noted as being very far out at the extreme frontier of Alliance territory. By 796, he was so respected that him speaking in Yang's defense when he was first assigned as Fleet Commander of thr 13th Fleet made other Fleet Commanders shut up. His tenure of the 5th Fleet also didn't seem new, as during Third Tiamat, Ulanf noted that Bewcock was the senior admiral, meaning he was promoted to the rank before Holland (who had just been promoted, so that made sense) and Ulanf himself.

My best guess on that would be that, when Yang saw his file, Bewcock was on the verge of promotion to Rear Admiral, and within a short time, was promoted as the 5th Fleet's commander. This would give him a few years to gain respect as a fleet commander on both sides.

What do you guys think? FPA Forever

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