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How large the fleets?

I wonder how big the individual imperial fleets were. Its heavily inferred that the alliance fleets had about 13,000 ships each, and its stated by Ulanf's chief of staff that the imperial fleet that the 10th was facing was larger than their own fleet. Would 15,000 ships make sense? — FPA Forever

It can vary and we don't have explicit numbers for the indvidual Imperial fleets. For example, Kircheis, Wahlen, and Lutz had 30,000 ships and were at that time of equal rank. That would suggest 10,000 if they were all equally distributed. However as you noted, the Alliance 10th Fleet was outnumbered by the Black Lancers which would suggest a Black Lancer strength above 10,000. Iracundus 15:24, 2 March 2013 (UTC)
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