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Accuracy of article

This article doesn't seem quite accurate. Three specific points stick out:

1. Falstrong was made a count on the same day that he died, not a year earlier.

2. The CA subtitles for episode 40 do not indicate how long after the creation of the exclusion law in 9 IC (318 UC / 3118 CE) the aristocracy was created. (Certainly i don't see any mention of the year 10 IC (319 UC / 3119 CE) specifically.) Was there another source for this?

3. Although i understand the reason that 'von' was used here, are we sure we want to use it? The series never refers to him as such, and there is no other mention of it (in English or in Japanese) on the entire Internet. It also goes against our de facto policy so far of trying to use the most common names for people ('Reinhard von Lohengramm' instead of 'Reinhard I' and so on) — i am not sure that a name that Falstrong may or may not have had for a few hours at the very end of his life really qualifies.

I won't re-write the article mostly because i want to make sure that i'm right about #2, but it's something we should look into. Will add a cleanup tag  ♥ kine @ 10:45, 19 May 2011 (UTC)

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