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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Dim brackets/doc:

Shortcut template for dimming bracketed (parenthesised) phrases in page titles.
{{dim brackets|<last word in bracketed phrase>}}
Sample output
{{dim brackets|episode}} here produces a title similar to: In the Eternal Night (episode)
This template will be uncommonly used on its own within pages. Instead, it will mostly be transcluded into infobox templates, such as {{infobox episode}}. This will allow any page with a proper infobox to automatically have its title rendered in the appropriate style.
In the case of a title that needs dimmed brackets and also needs to be italicised, {{italic title}} should be used. (Aside from the names, the syntax is identical.)
The code that determines which bracketed phrase to dim is quite simple — although it should be sufficient for 99% of pages, there may be one or two uniquely worded page titles that break this template. If an edge case such as this is encountered, please contact kine.
Since the code for this template is somewhat complex, a formatted version has been made available at Dim brackets/formatted. Please follow the instructions there, and make sure the two versions stay in synch.
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