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Template for producing licensing text (generally for image pages).
{{licence|<licence code>}}
Sample output
{{licence|copy-fair-use}} produces:
This file contains copyrighted material which remains the property of its original creator(s). It is intended to be used in a manner that qualifies as fair use / fair dealing under copyright law.
{{licence|self-cc-by}} produces:
This file is the work of the uploader and is made available by him or her under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution licence. It is intended to be used in a manner consistent with those terms.
{{licence}} produces:
This file's copyright status is unknown.
This template extends and replaces {{fairuse}}; please use it going forward for all licensing text.
The following licence codes are currently available:
  • copy-fair-use — Copyrighted; used under fair use.
  • copy-with-permission — Copyrighted; used with permission.
  • self-cc-by — Own work; released under CC-BY.
  • self-cc-by-nc — Own work; released under CC-BY-NC.
  • self-cc-by-sa — Own work; released under CC-BY-SA.
  • self-other-free — Own work; released under some other free licence.
  • other-cc-by — Third-party work; released under CC-BY.
  • other-cc-by-nc — Third-party work; released under CC-BY-NC.
  • other-cc-by-sa — Third-party work; released under CC-BY-SA.
  • other-other-free — Third-party work; released under some other free licence.
  • unknown — Unknown copyright status.
One of these will be transcluded automatically into the 'Licensing' section of an image page if the appropriate licence option is selected on the image upload page.
If 'unknown' is used, or if no licence code is entered, the page that the template is used on will be added to Files with unknown copyright status.
(If you would like to request that another licence type be added, please ask kine.)
Lastly, since the code for this template is somewhat complex, a formatted version has been made available at Licence/formatted. Please follow the instructions there, and make sure the two versions stay in synch.
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