Thunderclaps (DNT episode)

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This article is about the Die Neue These episode. For the similarly titled OVA episode, see Thunder (episode).

DNT: series 4, episode 3
released 2022/09/30
Reinhard storm (DNT).jpg
June 798 UC (489 IC / 3598 CE)
39th of 48 released in DNT
204th of 213 released in all

Thunderclaps (Japanese: 雷鳴) is the 39th episode of Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These.



Ulrich Kesler, chief of the military police, informs Reinhard von Lohengramm that two former members of the Lippstadt League, Alfred von Landsberg and Leopold Schumacher, have arrived in Odin and may be involved in some plot. Reinhard asks Hildegard von Mariendorf for her opinion. She thinks they are in fact sent by Fezzan and will try to abduct an important figure, probably the young Kaiser. Later, she pays a visit to Annerose von Grünewald and persuades her to allow Reinhard to increase the security level of her mountain residence. Reinhard summons Nicholas Boltik, the Fezzani commissioner to the Empire, and informs him that he knows everything about their plan, and asks what is Fezzan's intentions. Boltik answers that Fezzan will help Reinhard by using the plan to provide him with the justification to subjugate the Free Planets Alliance but in return, it expects to control the interstellar trade and transportation in the unified Empire. Reinhard agrees to act according to Rubinsky's plan, only if Fezzan grants the Imperial Fleet free passage through the Fezzan Corridor.



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