Treaty of Ba‘alat

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The signing of the Treaty of Ba'alat (799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE)).

The Treaty of Ba‘alat (Japanese: バーラトの和約) formally ended the first Alliance–Imperial War, signed on 25 May 799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE) between the Admiral Paul von Oberstein (Galactic Empire) and Chairman Job Trunicht (Free Planets Alliance).


Fundamental Stipulations Of Treaty

  1. The name of the Free Planets Alliance and the continuation of sovereignty are guaranteed with the consent of the Galactic Empire.

2. The Alliance cedes to the Empire the Gandharva Starzone and two other starzones located near the exits of the Iserlohn Corrider and Fezzan Corridor.

3. The Alliance recognizes the free navigation of Imperial warships and civilian ships within the territory of the Alliance.

4. The Alliance pays the Empire a security tax of 1.5 trillion Imperial Marks per year.

5. The Alliance retains armaments as a symbol of sovereignty, but relinquishes the right to own battleships and space carriers. In addition, when the Alliance constructs and remodels military facilities, it should consult with the Imperial government in advance.

6. The Alliance should enact domestic laws to prohibit activities aimed at undermining friendship and cooperation with the Empire.

7. The Empire has the right to establish a High Commission in Heinessen, the capital of the Alliance, and to station troops to guard it. The High Commissioner, as the representative of the Imperial Sovereign (Emperor), is entitled to compromise and consult with the Government of the Alliance and to attend all meetings of the Government of the Alliance.


Name variations

Background information

Ba‘alat is the feminine form of the North-West Semitic title and honorific Baal, which was used to denote various ancient Levantine and Asia Minor goddesses, most notably Ba`alat Gebal, or 'Lady of Byblos'.

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