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Hello Dear GINEI Fans, I'm Izumi Green from China. I'm so happy to see such a perfect Paedia on LOGH! Thanks so much! I can't decide what to write on this page. Hmm... please allow me to tell a short story.

In China, there's a bbs set up by several LOGH fans in 2000 CE. It's still alive but not very active. (

Some users of Seaofstar tried to set up a pedia for LOGH (in Chinese, of course), but failed because of lack of volunteers. And that was in year 2010, when GINEIPAEDIA is also in development.

I don't know if they have known about this project. And I don't know how much they have developed. I think this is a beautiful coincidence, but sadly one of the two projects failed......

Anyway, thank you, GINEIPAEDIA!

Welcome and thank you  ♥ kine @ 00:16, 13 October 2021 (UTC)
Welcome. I was aware of seaofstar. It was very nice. Iracundus 07:19, 13 October 2021 (UTC)
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