2682 Ultimatums

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In 2682 CE, multiple colony worlds of the United Earth Government presented Earth's Humanity Congress with three ultimatums in response to the continued exploitation of the Colonies by the UEG.

1. The United Earth Government was to drastically reduce the budget for their military branch, the Space Force, and decrease the overall size of their space fleets.
2. The United Earth Government was to modify the allocation of seats in the Humanity Congress in such a way that total number of congressmen per district would be representative of population.
3. The United Earth Government was to immediately halt all interference with the right of the colonies to conduct trade freely.

Spearheaded by the Rondolina colony in the Sirius Starzone, the 2682 Ultimatums were largely ignored by the United Earth Government. Presenting the Ultimatums itself was seen as an unforgivable act of defiance, and incited the EUG to launch the infamous propaganda campaign, The Sirius Threat.

The 2682 Ultimatums are considered a forerunner of the Anti-Earth Movement, and was a precipitating factor in the Earth–Sirius War. (LOGH: 'To Earth')

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