To Earth (episode)

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'To Earth'
LOGH: series 3, episode 2
released 1994/??/??
Ibn Sherma with globe (BD).jpg
June 799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE)
56th of 110 released in LOGH
59th of 180 released in all

To Earth (Japanese: 地球へ) is the 56th episode of the Legend of Galactic Heroes OVA.



On the long trip to Terra, Julian Mintz and Olivier Poplin review the history of Terra, formerly known as Earth. The documentary starts with the Thirteen Day War between two Earth superpower coalitions, the United States of Eurafrica and the Northern Condominium in 2039 CE, which involved a worldwide nuclear exchange. After the nuclear apocalypse, an extended period of strife and chaos occurred and peace was only restored in 2129 CE with the unification of Earth under the United Earth Government. Following unification, humanity expanded into space, which was greatly boosted after the invention and perfection of the faster-than-light capable warp drive in 2391 CE. However, the lack of autonomy to colonies, unequal economic policies, and tyranny from the Earth government culminated in multiple uprisings and human rights violations. The end of these chaotic conflicts eventually led to the formation of the Galactic Federation in 2801 CE (1 UC) and Earth being forgotten.




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