Battle of Forseti

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Battle of Forseti
(First Alliance-Imperial War)
Artist's impression of the Imperial defeat
Date: 728 UC (419 IC / 3528 CE)
Location: Forseti Starzone
Result: Alliance victory
Galactic EmpireFree Planets Alliance

The Battle of Forseti (Japanese: フォルセティ星域の会戦) is a battle that took place in the Forseti Starzone between the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance in 728 UC (419 IC / 3528 CE) and resulted in an Alliance victory. The Imperial battleships that fought in that battle were still of the same design as those that fought in the Battle of Dagon, though by this time the design would have been in service for at least 88 years.

Imperial Admiral Martin Otto von Siegmeister defected to the Alliance shortly before this battle, and it was presumed by Yang Wen-li that Siegmeister, no longer having any loyalty to his home country, gave detailed information about the Imperial numbers, location and formation, allowing Alliance commanders to defeat the Imperial fleet so soundly that the battle would remain a source of Imperial shame even over sixty years after the events. (DIS: 'Chapter I', Legend of Galactic Heroes Encyclopaedia)

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