Battle of Sol

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The Battle of Sol was the final battle of the Earth–Sirius War, and also the bloodiest. In 2704 CE, the Black Fleet, under the command of Joliot Frankul, penetrated the outer Solar System and quickly captured the the outlying space. Desperate to defend the faltering United Earth Government, the Space Force gathered all of its remaining fleets at the asteroid belt to make one last stand.

One of the precipitating causes of the Earth–Sirius War was the total depletion of all of Earth's natural resources in the 26th century CE, and Earth's complete dependence of the colony worlds for survival. With the Black Fleet cutting off Earth from the rest of the colonies, what few resources had been stockpiled — including essentials like food and water — began to run out. After blockading the inner planets for three months, the United Earth Government fleets were exhausted, hungry, and utterly demoralized. It was then that Frankul chose to attack.

The UEG's Space Force was defeated quickly, but refused to surrender. To each ship, to each man, they fought on until they were completely obliterated. Unapposed, the Black Fleet pressed on to Earth. Once in orbit of Earth, the Black Fleet began to bombard the planet from orbit. Devastating the surface, killing billions of innocent civilians, and rendering the planet nearly uninhabitable. The scale of destruction was even greater than the Thirteen Day War, which had occurred some six and a half centuries prior. In the end, only one billion human lives remained below.(LOGH: 'To Earth')


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