Before the Storm (DNT episode)

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This article is about the Die Neue These episode. For the similarly titled OVA episode, see Before the Storm (episode).

'Before the Storm'
DNT: series 2, episode 3
released 2019/09/27
Yang and Kircheis (DNT).jpg
797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE)
15th of 24 released in DNT
180th of 189 released in all

Before the Storm (Japanese: 嵐の前) is the 15th episode of Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These.



Yang Wen-li succeeds in getting Alex Cazerne transferred to Iserlohn Fortress to serve as its administrator. Meanwhile, the Galactic Empire proposes a prisoner-of-war exchange with the Free Planets Alliance, ostensibly as an amnesty out of respect of the passing of Kaiser Friedrich IV. The Alliance government accepts the offer without much consideration, and the exchange ceremony is promptly held in Iserlohn Fortress, with Siegfried Kircheis leading the Imperial delegation. After the exchange, Yang returns to Heinessen to attend the returning ceremony for the freed Alliance prisoners. During his brief stay in the Alliance capital, he confides with Alexandre Bewcock about his suspicions of Reinhard von Lohengramm making use of the prisoner-of-war-exchange to plant agents provocateurs to sow unrest within the Alliance, so as to prevent it from interfering with his upcoming struggle against the high nobles. Yang then asks Bewcock for a favour.

Elsewhere in Heinessen, a group of Alliance military officers led by Dwight Greenhill makes plans for a coup d'état, with Arthur Lynch watching them from the sidelines. The latter, who was captured by the Empire after his abandonment of El Facil in 788 UC (479 IC / 3588 CE), turns out to be the very agent provocateur sent back to the Alliance by Reinhard.



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