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Iserlohn and Tiamat

The divide between battles of Iserlohn and Tiamat seems fairly... arbitrary, what with Iserlohn Fortress being located in the Tiamat Starzone and all. Every battle of Iserlohn is effectively a battle for Tiamat as well.


I am thinking that, due to our own ignorance of FTL travel, that Iserlohn, by itself, is incapable of fully defending the corridor. After all, a starzone is VERY BIG. Hence the need for a defensive fleet permanently stationed at Iserlohn. I believe that the various "Battle of Tiamat" may differ from the "Battles of Iserlohn" in terms of objective: namely, that the Battles of Iserlohn were about the capture or destruction of the fortress, specifically; and that the Battles of Tiamat involved bypassing the fortress altogether--destroying the defensive fleet and/or warping further into the corridor to "cut off" the fortress thereby rendering it impotent, and forcing the fortress into a state where it would be forced to surrender, and incapable of mounting any offensive operations.

Considering that the "Battles of Iserlohn" don't quite fit the same standard as the other battles, all of which are named after the starzones in which they occur, I would suggest re-naming the battles to "XXth Iserlohn Offensive," etc., which is, IIRC, the same way CA refers to the battle. I think we're justified in using a synonymous English term because the kanji used for Iserlohn battles is, itself, different from that of other battles. See:

The former being a bit more esoteric (like "offensive") and the latter being the more common, more direct term (like "battle). Canary 12:17, 29 May 2011 (UTC)

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