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I'm Canary. Hello.

Some novel stuff

I've gone through some of the novel illustrations and made some... slight photoshop tweaks to make these images presentable for Gineipaedia. There are many articles that may be improved with the addition of one of these images, but I'll leave that to someone else.

Brunhild (Novel 1 p218).png Imperial Ships (Novel 7 p076).png New Imperial Fleet (Novel 8 p018).png Imperial Cruiser (Novel 3 p182).png Iserlohn Fleet (Novel 10 p108).png Battle (Novel 10 p150).png

Imperial ships (in the novels) seem to be designed much more fluidly than in the OVAs. Lots of curves... a much more organic design--whereas FPA ships seem rigid and angular. There are also some nice character illustrations we might want to use, but for the most part character designs between the novels and OVAs are very similar, with only a few exceptions.

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