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Plans for lists of unnamed things

So far we've got a few of these, but i hope to really expand this category hugely. There are probably hundreds, maybe thousands, of individual unnamed characters in the series, for one thing, not to mention all of the unnamed vessels and so on.

There is a question of how exactly to break these lists up, though. Obviously something even as specific as Unnamed Alliance citizens would be waaaaay too long to reasonably fit in a single article, so we'll want to be more precise than that.

What i'm thinking at the moment is that we divide the lists up using three metrics: affiliation (Imperial/Alliance/whatev), location (planets, vessels, fortresses), and perhaps, when necessary, military membership (soldiers/civilians). So we might have articles like:

(Maybe there's a better way of wording it than 'Odin soldiers' or whatever, but that would be the most consistent.)

For Iserlohn i'm not sure what the wording would be. Maybe like:

Granted, since all of these people are unnamed they are almost by definition not very important, so this is not particularly a priority. But since i prefer to do things based on how fun they seem at the time, rather than treating it like a job (after all i don't get paid for it :/) it's very possible that this will be something i work on for a while. Anyway, any thoughts?  ♥ kine @ 16:00, 17 December 2011 (UTC)

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