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The El Facil Revolutionary Government (Japanese: エル・ファシル独立政府, lit. El Facil Independent Government) as a brief, yet crucial, democratic nation-state that contributed to the downfall of the Free Planets Alliance while also providing a safe and appearance saving exit strategy for the now rogue Yang Wen-li and the rest of his fleet, who became the El Facil Revolutionary Reserve Force before transitioning into the newly formed Iserlohn Republic.


The planet El Facil, strategically located at the Alliance end of the Iserlohn Corridor, declared itself to be autonomous from the FPA on August 13th, 799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE), forming their own independent government in response to the Alliance government's handling of the Treaty of Ba‘alat under João Rebelo, whom they correctly perceived to be collapsing under the pressure of his position as Supreme Chairman. Initially the Revolutionary Government's founders were hoping to cause a chain reaction, and merely be the spark that would ignite the fuse of revolution, but when no other systems followed suit and all remained loyal to the FPA, largely because they had only recently and narrowly defeated a military coup, the leaders of the Revolutionary Government started to call on Yang, and any other so-called true republicans, to come to El Facil, which Francesck Romsky, the Chairman of the EFRG, tried to champion as the last bastion of actual democracy. In the December of 799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE), the Yang fleet arrives, as they see no other path forward and feel as though they must at least temporarily ally themselves with the EFRG. Yang thought that Romsky was likely a genuinely good person and a leader with the best interest of republican democracy in mind, but was skeptical about his methods and goals, and did not think a bright future lay ahead for him or the rest of the EFRG. If Romsky had one value Yang would have appreciated, it was his determination to keep the government in that hands of civilians elected by votes, and that he did whatever possible to prevent military interference in government matters.

On January 14th of 800 UC (2 NIC / 491 IC / 3600 CE), much Yang Fleet, under the command of High Admiral Merkatz, and the Rosen Ritter, both now part of the newly formed El Facil Revolutionary Reserve Force, capture Iserlohn Fortress. This capture proves crucial to the survival of the EFRG as less than a month later the Alliance unconditionally surrenders to the Empire in the wake of the brief but bloody Second Alliance–Imperial War, and is subsequently absorbed into the New Galactic Empire, completely isolating the EFRG as the last democratic government in the galaxy. The EFRG's leaders then evacuate to the Fortress, and after the EFRRF, led personally by Yang against the Imperials, successfully defends the corridor in the Battle of the Corridor, Kaiser Reinhard agrees to a ceasefire and to initiate diplomacy. Unfortunately, the meetings between Yang Wen-li and Reinhard never came to be.

Yang Wen-li, along with Romsky and other EFRG leaders, depart Iserlohn Fortress to meet with the Kaiser aboard a cruiser, the Leda II. On June 1st, Terraists were able to disguise themselves in two captured Imperial destroyers, and after seemingly saving the Leda II from the disgraced and crazed former Alliance commodore Andrew Falk's attack, they request permission to dock to meet with the famed Alliance Fleet Admiral Yang Wen-li. After the Terraists disguised as Imperial officers board, they murder Romsky and most of the civilian representatives that had come to meet with them believing it their role, not Yang's or the military's, to negotiate. This initial bout of gunfire along with the fleeing survivors of the EFRG representatives give the rest of the crew a slight chance to respond, however their efforts prove futile, and while they lose over half their number, the Terraists achieve their objective of assassinating Yang Wen-li. The remaining Terraists were either killed by the EFRRF rescue team that boarded the Leda II or killed when those that fled refused to surrender to Imperial pursuers and their captured destroyer was destroyed.

The Terraists had not only murdered the greatest hero of the former Alliance, but by happenstance also murdered Romsky and many top EFRG officials. Once these occurrences became known, the EFRG's remaining leaders decided to disband the government, seeing as they had lost their Chairman and many of their officials, along with losing "Miracle Yang" who had always protected democracy, even in the face of impossible odds, they felt their position to be unsustainable and wished to make peace with the Empire before what they saw to be the inevitable defeat of EFRRF. As the EFRG dissolved, the EFRRF was able to keep its core structure under the command of Yang's protégé Julian Mintz, and although it lost much of its manpower in the assassination's aftermath due to poor morale, it remained intact and was reformed into the Iserlohn Republic after two months of mourning and indecision with Frederica Greenhill Yang serving as its civilian leader.

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