Elfriede von Kohlrausch

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Elfriede von Kohlrausch (800 UC (2 NIC / 491 IC / 3600 CE))
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Status: Unknown
Children: Felix Mittermeyer (biological)
Other relative(s): Oskar von Reuenthal (child's father)
Klaus von Lichtenlade (grand-uncle)
Played by: Tomizawa Michie

Elfriede von Kohlrausch (Japanese: エルフリーデ・フォン・コールラウシュ) was a daughter of a niece of Klaus von Lichtenlade. After the death of Lichtenlade following the end of the Imperial Civil War in October 797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE), she was exiled along with other women and children related to Lichtenlade. However, she managed to sneak away from her place of exile and returned to Odin sometime in 799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE) where she tried but failed to assassinate Oskar von Reuenthal by his residence, who she blamed for the death of her grand-uncle. Intrigued by her, Reuenthal harboured Kohlrausch in his residence despite her hatred for him. Eventually, both of them became involved with each other in a sexual relationship and she even bore him a son in 800 UC (2 NIC / 491 IC / 3600 CE). However, she effectively disowned her son by entrusting him to a dying Reuenthal on 16 December 800 UC (2 NIC / 491 IC / 3600 CE) at Heinessen, the latter being grievously wounded during his failed rebellion against Reinhard, and then disappeared without a trace. After Reuenthal passed away, her son was adopted by Wolfgang and Evangelin Mittermeyer, and was given the name Felix.



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