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Grandpa Dusty was a soldier in the Free Planets Alliance Armed Forces, and the grandfather of Dusty Attenborough.


Grandpa dusty had at least one daughter, Mrs Attenborough, whom he refused to let marry anyone who was not a soldier like himself. When she eventually fell in love with a journalist, Mr Attenborough, Grandpa Dusty was incensed. Initially opposed to the union, he eventually allowed it on the condition that his grandson were to be a soldier. Unfortunately, his daughters first children were all daughters, and Grandpa Dusty died in a battle against the Empire a few months before the birth of his first grandson.

On Dusty Attenborough's first day in the FPA Officer Academy, Mr Attenborough gave his son a rusted key, which Grandpa Dusty, in turn, had given him on the day of his daughter's wedding. The rusted key was a good luck charm, which had allegedly once saved Grandpa Dusty's life from a stray bullet.

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