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The Imperial Consulate was the official diplomatic representation of the New Galactic Empire in the Free Planets Alliance capital of Heinessenpolis. It was the first known Imperial diplomatic mission to the Alliance, and being the only foreign embassy on Heinessen besides the former Fezzan High Commission.

It was inherently tied to the Treaty of Ba'alat and was only brief in existence as the Alliance was unable to cope with the strains placed on it by the Empire. This eventually culminated in the total collapse of the Alliance and its absorption into the Empire and, now being Imperial territory, there was no longer a need for the consulate. High Admiral Helmut Lennenkampf served as its head.


The Imperial Consulate played a brief but important role in escalating events that would lead to the Second FPA-Imperial War. The now rogue Rosen Ritter assaulted the consulate and succeeded in taking Lennenkampf hostage. Using both João Rebelo and Lennenkampf to secure Yang Wen-li's escape from Heinessen, Lennenkampf was unable to bear the shame and committed suicide. After these events became known in the Empire, Kaiser Reinhard had all the justification he needed to completely subjugate the Alliance once and for all.

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