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Internal Security agents arresting Nicholas Boltik, Interim Governor-General of Fezzan (800 UC (2 NIC / 491 IC / 3600 CE))

The Internal Security Department (Japanese: 内国安全保障局) was a branch of the Ministry of the Interior and was officially responsible for handling internal matters that were deemed to be a threat to the Imperial Government. It was created on the initiative of Fleet Admiral Paul von Oberstein as a replacement for the Department of Social Discipline, which had an infamous reputation as being a tool the Goldenbaum Dynasty.


Founded during the late Goldenbaum Dynasty (shortly after the forced abdication of Emperor Erwin Josef II), the Internal Security Department was widely regarded to be the successor of the infamous Department of Social Discipline, even being led by its predecessor's director Heydrich Lang. Complete with its own secret police force, the Internal Security Department continued many of the practices that its predecessor employed, including secret executions and the disappearing of suspected persons all without trials. Internal Security remained active after Reinhard von Lohengramm ascended to the crown and created the New Galactic Empire. Its existence became a cause of concern for some other Imperial officials who feared that the Goldenlöwe Dynasty was repeating the mistake of its predecessor by creating a secret police. (LOGH: 'Operation: Ragnarök', 'The Order to Transfer the Capital')

After Lang conspired with Adrian Rubinsky, the former Landesherr of Fezzan, to frame Nicholas Boltik as the culprit of a terrorist bombing, his days as the head of the ISD were numbered. Once he framed and incarcerated Boltik, Lang had him murdered and made it look like a suicide. Now open to blackmail by his co-conspirator, Lang found himself increasingly under Rubinsky's influence while simultaneously under more scrutiny. The stresses of his predicament proved to be too difficult to handle and his crimes were eventually uncovered by Ulrich Kesler, the Chief of the Imperial Military Police. After proving Lang's guilt and receiving various confessions, Kesler condemned and executed Lang. (LOGH: 'The Order to Transfer the Capital', 'Rebellion Is a Hero's Privilege', 'Endless Requiem')

It is unknown if Internal Security was kept intact or disbanded following Lang's execution.


During the late Goldenbaum and early Goldenlöwe Dynasty, the Internal Security Department was used as a replacement for the brutal Department of Social Discipline, although many of its predecessor's extrajudicial actions were no longer considered acceptable by the new regime. As a result, Internal Security was much more restrained then the Social Discipline Office, and the Military Police seemed to have more authority.

Fleet Admiral Wolfgang Mittermeyer once remarked on the lack of progress of the department in finding the culprits of the Fezzan bombing that killed Bruno von Silberberch, commenting that Kesler's MPs would have found them already. (LOGH: 'Disappointing Victory')

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