Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 3: Endurance

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English cover of Volume 3: Endurance

Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 3: Endurance (Japanese: 銀河英雄伝説3雌伏篇) is the third novel in Tanaka Yoshiki's Legend of Galactic Heroes series. It was first published in Japan by Tokyo Sogensha on 30 April 1984. (ISBN: 4-19-152894-7). It was first published in English as part of the Haikasoru series on 15 November 2016. (ISBN: 978-1421584966).

Publisher's summary

It’s the master tactician of the ruthless Galactic Empire versus the Free Planets Alliance in Japan’s greatest space opera epic!

In the thirty-sixth century, humanity has conquered the galaxy and colonized countless star systems. The Galactic Empire, modeled along Prussian lines, and the democratic Free Planets Alliance are at war, and the fate of every human being in the universe hangs in the balance. This classic Japanese space opera, adapted into a legendary anime, is finally available in English for the first time.

A grand scheme for retaking Iserlohn is delivered to Reinhard, who with renewed determination seeks to become ruler of the galaxy and to fulfill the oath he made with a dear, departed friend. But what are the aims of Phezzan, the third force at work behind the scenes? Meanwhile, no sooner is Yang breathing a sigh of relief when Julian returns from his first combat mission than he is summoned to an inquest and departs for the capital of the alliance. As if waiting for this opportunity to strike, however, the imperial military's secret weapon appears right at the gates of Iserlohn. The battle begins! Who will endure?


  1. First Battle (初陣)
  2. The Flying Vulture (はばたく禿鷹)
  3. One Narrow Thread (細い一本の糸)
  4. Lost Things (失われたもの)
  5. The Inquiry Committee (査問会)
  6. War Without Weapons (武器なき戦い)
  7. Fortress versus Fortress (要塞対要塞)
  8. The Return (帰還)
  9. Determination and Ambition (決意と野心と)


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