Long March of 10,000 Light Years

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The Long March of 10,000 light years was the voyage undertaken by Arle Heinessen's Exodus Fleet to flee the Galactic Empire and found a new land free of Imperial rule from (473 UC (164 IC / 3273 CE))]] to (527 UC (218 IC / 3327 CE))]].

Along the route, the newly-discovered star systems the fleet passed through were named after the gods of ancient Phoenicia: Ba'alat, Astarte, Melqart, Hadad, etc.

While Arle Heinessen initiated the Long March, he died before his people found their safe haven. He was succeeded by Nguyen Kim Hua, who lived to see the march end and a new civilization founded in Heinessen's honor.

The Long March concluded in 527 UC (218 IC / 3327 CE), after 54 years, with the colonization of Heinessen and the founding of the Free Planets Alliance. Of the 400,000 people who had begun the march at Altair VII, only 160,000 survived. (Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 1: Dawn)

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