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I hope my characterisation of Dominique is OK here. I tried to be as accurate as possible, staying within the bounds of what's actually depicted in the anime, but i found it very difficult, to be honest. Dominique is an interesting character to me mainly because i have no idea what her purpose or motives are. For example, some questions that come to mind:

1. What is her purpose to the story? On the face of it it seems like she is simply a conduit through which Rubinsky can share his plans with the audience, but then she sort of seems to have her own motives at times... which are seemingly never explained, obv.

2. If she's independently wealthy (which i believe the novel says she is, and even within the anime it's implied), what does she need Rubinsky for?

3. How does she truly feel about Rubinsky? Even though she is constantly mocking him and expressing her apparent disgust/pity for him, she continues to stay with him throughout the series. Even the 'for personal gain' motive doesn't seem to hold up once you get into the fourth series, because it's very obvious that Rubinsky is pretty much finished by then and there's no power or profit to be gained, he just wants to (like she says) trip up Reinhard.

4. Why do they make a big deal of saying that she helped Degsby escape from Fezzan? What could her motive for that possibly be? Does she have some kind of connection with the Earth Church? Is that why she asks about it all of a sudden at the end of one of their conversations? And why does Rubinsky act like it's something he should give a shit about, why should he care what Degsby does?

5. Why does she help Elfriede? The first thing that comes to mind is that she is projecting her resentment over the Kessellink/Rubinsky situation onto Felix/Reuenthal, and wants Felix to have the chance that Rupert didn't. But that's totally speculation, and i'm not sure it even holds up in the face of #3.

It's very strange. I can't decide if she's an incredibly complex character or very lazily written one-dimensional one.  ♥ kine @ 14:35, 24 December 2011 (UTC)

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